Boomerang Bounce Back Ball

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Never miss a catch again!!!
Become an expert at ball games and build up hand - eye coordination with these Sportz Trainer Balls!

1. Put the strap around your wrist and throw it.
2. Make sure the swivel is on the inside of your wrist
3. Throw the ball and bounce it on the ground.
4. Try to bounce the ball when it bounces back.
For beginners, you may use two hands to catch it.

Or be creative and come up with your own game.
The opportunities are limitless!

The balls come in four different colours: Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange. 

Each with elastic rope and strap for wrist.

Approximate size 6.5 cm

Recommended Age: 6 years +

*please note the colours are as shown but the pattern on the ball may vary