Squeezy Egg Puking Toy

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Satisfying Stress Relief in Every Squeeze!

When life gets tough and stress takes over, there's nothing quite as satisfying as squeezing an egg.  As you squeeze this squishy toy, it "vomits" a yellow slime that resembles a runny egg yolk. It's the perfect stress ball to help you release tension and bring a playful twist to your day.

Squeeze gently for a little vomit, or apply more pressure for a truly "gutsy" experience as the entire egg yolk flows out. And here's the surprise - when you squeeze the head, it even "sucks" its vomit back in.

Our squishy egg yolk sits on a cracked shell, adding to its adorable appeal when it's not spewing its contents. Rest assured, the yellow goo is individually packaged to ensure it arrives in the best condition, ready for endless squeezing sessions.

Please remember, as tempting as it may be, this little egg yolk is not for consumption. Crafted from PVC plastic, it brings joy and stress relief in a safe and entertaining way.

  • Ages 5+
  • Approx 5cm