Slime Mixies - Fruit Charms

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Add a delightful fruity twist to your slime creations with Slime Mixies - Fruit Charms!

This fantastic product brings a burst of colour and charm to your slime experience, making it even more exciting and enticing.

Inside the pack, you'll find an assortment of adorable fruit-shaped charms in vibrant colours. From strawberries to watermelons, oranges to pineapples, these charming fruit pieces will instantly transform your slime into a fruity wonderland. Mix them in and watch as your slime becomes a sensory delight filled with fruity goodness.

The Fruit Charms pack is a must-have for slime enthusiasts, DIY crafters, and anyone who loves to infuse their creations with a touch of whimsy. These lightweight charms are easy to incorporate into your slime, adding texture, visual appeal, and a delightful surprise with every squish.

Crafted with care, these fruit charms are made from high-quality materials that are safe and non-toxic. They are designed to withstand the rigors of slime play, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment and endless creative possibilities.

Create your own fruity paradise with Slime Mixies - Fruit Charms. Whether you're making scented slime, glitter slime, or any other variation, these adorable fruit charms will elevate your slime-making experience to a whole new level. Get your pack today and embark on a juicy, squishy adventure filled with fruity fun!