Sensory Dry Erase Games

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If you're looking for a great gift for a child that is both enjoyable and educational, the Sense & Grow Dry Erase Games set is an excellent option!

Sense & Grow focuses on incorporating learning into play, making it easier for children to retain what they learn.

The Dry Erase Games set features 48 brain teasers on individual cards, each providing a unique challenge. Kids will have a blast completing mazes, spotting differences, and creating pictures by following numbered instructions. The set offers a wide range of fun challenges to keep children engaged.

The set also includes a stylish carrying case to keep everything organized, a dry erase marker, and a cloth to wipe away previous drawings or answers. Children can enjoy the challenges again and again without the need for new cards or paper.

This set not only provides entertainment, but it also improves children's cognitive skills and penmanship abilities. It is an excellent way to encourage children to develop their problem-solving and motor skills. If you're searching for a gift that combines fun and education, the Sense & Grow Dry Erase Games set is an excellent choice.

  • Ages 3+