Scalp Massager Brush

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Soft Soothing Silicone Bristles

Helps for shampooing, or a soft brush, feels really nice

Safe for all kids and adults

  • Shampoo brush is the ideal choice for you, this handy shampoo brush/ scalp massager is great for shampooing your hair, alleviating dandruff and promoting hair growth. Shampoo brush gives your scalp a deep cleansing message & improves overall hair health by stimulating blood flow in the scalp.
  • Shampoo brush/scalp massager is perfect for every one including men, women and kids. This brush can be used on both, wet or dry hair. Due to its soft silicone head its suitable for most hair types, like straight, curly, wavy fine or rough. Superb for shampooing your pets as well.
  • The shampoo brush has an aesthetic shiny finish. The massage heads are made of high quality silicone material giving you an ultimate soothing experience.
  • Ergonomic design & light weight make shampooing or massaging comfortable for your hand. A handy grip that is designed to avoid pressure on your hand and wrist. The brush fits perfectly in the middle of your fingers & lets you have a longer messaging time. The bright crystal finish color makes it a perfect accessory for your bathroom.