My Sensory Crash Pad

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Introducing My Sensory Crash Pad 

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This foam-filled mat offers a perfect blend of durability and comfort for your kids. It provides a sturdy surface for jumping and playing, while also being soft and cosy for relaxing. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand vigorous activities, while the ample foam filling makes it comfortable for sitting or resting. Whether used in play areas, reading rooms, or day-care centers, this mat is ideal for sensory stimulation, balance activities, or simply lounging. Shipped with compressed foam to minimize shipping costs, it's ready to expand into a welcoming play space upon arrival.

Perfect for all ages and recommended by professionals, My Sensory Pad is versatile enough for any room. The removable, double-stitched cover is easy to clean and machine washable. 

As recommended by therapists, teachers, doctors, to give a safe and soft place for those processing big emotions.

  • My Sensory pads are filled with durable super soft springy foam
  • My Sensory pads are silent to sit in, unlike traditional beanbags.
  • My Sensory pads are a available now in 4 beautiful colours with plush fabric covers that GLOW IN THE DARK
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE - An ideal size for both kids and adults.
  • My Sensory Pad is the perfect furniture for any, living room, bedroom, classroom, or chill zone. 
  • With room for two, you can snuggle, share with a friend, or just relax.
  • COMFORTABLE COVER: The removable, double-stitched cover is soft to the touch, machine washable and resistant to water, stains and fading, for easy maintenance.
  • Pad Size Inflated: 152 x 152 x 30cm
  • Pre order will be shipped on 30th of August.