Orbeez Squeeze Dinosaur Head

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Grab your Discounted Squishy Water Orbs Dinosaur Head while supplies last!

We finally have the ever-popular water orbs dinosaur head! So cute, so satisfying! Squeeze the head and see the colourful water orbs pop out! It's funny, and it feels nice!

If you're looking for the best sensory toys for autism, you can't go much further than something soft and squelchy, and notably different and exciting. It needs to" catch their attention" and give their hands something to do.

Ideally, something quiet, as we don't want to disturb others with repetitive actions. Especially if they're using it in a school setting or if they have siblings with autism, the noise will be too upsetting.

Not only are these great as tactile items, but they also exercise those hand muscles in a therapeutic way to get the goo ball to squeeze out of the dinosaur's mouth. The soft rubber coating provides additional tactile experience. A mix of colours in a pack

  • Ages 3+
  • Product size: approx 9 x 8 x 6 cm