Brain Teaser Metal Puzzle

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These entangled metal puzzles are the ultimate brain teaser, requiring you to swivel, turn and slide until the conjoined metal pieces separate.

Metal IQ puzzle : Exciting brain teaser puzzles for kids and adults to enjoy, this disentanglement puzzle provides for hours of entertainment.There are 8 different designs and you will receive 1 piece out of 8 designs, selected randomly.

 These puzzles are designed to aid with concentration and focus it also helps develop creative thinking, problem solving, it improves your IQ, and more.

These metal brain teasers provide for a great challenge it comes with wire pieces twisted together, to unlock the ring puzzle you need to manoeuvre the pieces until you will be able to separate them.

This set includes a great variety of metal wire brain teasers, when you figure out how to unlock one puzzle you still have a lot more to try, lots of fun to play with family and friends and compete who can disentangle the puzzle first.

Durable brain teaser puzzle set for all occasions, these are perfect to hand out for birthday parties, party favors, classroom rewards, educational prizes, gifts, stocking stuffer, Easter egg filler, and much more.

Open your mind! Try hard to separate the two pieces to amaze your friends and you will enjoy this.

The IQ toy doesn’t have sharp edges to keep you and your children safe.

This puzzle specially designed to test your brain, helps with practicing concentration and focus.

Comes in a 1 or 3 pack