4 Pack Bite Bands

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Your ultimate solution to chewing and biting challenges!

This 4-pack of super-absorbent cotton terry cloth necklaces is designed to redirect chewing and keep clothing dry, even during extended chewing sessions. Versatile enough to wear around your neck or wrists, they're a go-to choice for cuff chewers too. 

These bands are machine washable and built to last, offering durability for the long haul. You can choose from a vibrant rainbow set or start with individual bands to see what suits you best. Ideal for those who prefer a softer chewing experience than silicone chewies, these bands provide valuable support for individuals dealing with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or autism.

They can also be a calming aid for school or travel, making them perfect for moderate chewers aged 5 and above. Just remember not to wear them to bed and always use them under adult supervision to ensure safe and effective chewing redirection. Say goodbye to shirt-chewing worries!

  • Ages 5+
  • Velcro safety breakaway