• Nail Biting & Chewing: Why Kids Do It and How to Stop it

    Do you find yourself or your kids biting your nails or chewing on things like pencils? 

    If so, do not fret, is it estimated that 50% of kids bite their nails!

    Fidgeting, biting, chewing, picking and the inability to sit still are common nervous habits, so lets delve into what actually causes this!

  • My Sensory Space - Today Show

    My Sensory Space products featured on the Today Show! This segment talks about how to efficiently and effectively pack away and organise your fidge...
  • Importance of Sensory Toy Boxes

    Tegan Hawkins Mumma Hoo, Chickedy And Chic: (Anderson) BSc (Psych) (Hons), BCCJ, CDH, Assoc MAPS 

    Talks about the importance of sensory toys for developing minds! Sensory boxes are a great way for children and adults to have access to toys and tools that can help relieve anxiety, express emotions and delight senses!