Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze Game

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Can you make it through Perplexus Rebel’s 70 obstacles?

Move the ball along the numbered track through tricky hurdles like the igloo, terrible tube and scary stairs without falling off the track. Perplexus Rebel is the original challenging 3D maze, contained within a sphere! Guide the ball through high-tension maneuvers and make it to the finish line without falling off the track. Challenge yourself and put your skills to the test

Flip, twist and spin your way 360 degrees to the finish line! You won’t be able to put Perplexus Rebel down. Perplexus Rebel is a thrilling 3D maze challenge and makes a great gift for kids and adults aged 8 and up. Twist it. Turn it. Beat it

  • Includes: 1 Perplexus Rebel, 1 Instruction Sheet
  • Ages 8+