Perplexus Harry Potter 3D Maze Game

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Can you make it through Perplexus obstacles?

Embark on the Magical Maze Challenge with Harry Potter and conquer moving staircases, magical panels, and 30 intriguing obstacles. Reach the Quidditch Cup at the maze's end while mastering the ultimate puzzle ball.

Easy to learn yet hard to master, this game offers a swift learning curve for a quick start, but it takes skill-building to become a true master. Its portable size makes it an ideal travel game and fidget toy for puzzle enthusiasts on the move.

Elevate your solving skills as you navigate each mind-bending obstacle in this 3D maze, enhancing hand-eye coordination and puzzle-solving abilities in a labyrinthine adventure.

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  • Includes: 1 Perplexus, 1 Instruction Sheet
  • Ages 8+