Magic Mixies Series 1 Mixlings Single Collector's Couldron

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What surprises await you inside?

Prepare to conjure up some serious magic as you explore the world of Magic Mixies Mixlings, a cute new species of Magic Mixies to whip up! The Sparkle Magic Mega Pack features one mystery glittering Mixling, as well as four Mixlings with a distinctive sparkly finish. 

Each Mixling in the Sparkle Magic Mega Pack has a unique magical ability that can be discovered with the three magic wands supplied. Harlie is a flier who will unveil his lovely wings if you tap his Gem with your Wand. Gexi is a spellster, so use your wand to see her make herself bright and light up the night! Mava is also a Vanisher, which means she possesses the ability to just disappear into thin air.

There are more magical teams found inside the Cauldron. Find out who will they belong to? Rub the Cauldon's jewel to see if the Mixling within is Common, Rare, or Ultra-Rare! Then, using the magical words 'Magicus Mixus,' open the Cauldron to reveal your Mixling.

Mixlings are mischievous and magical, and casting spells and unlocking new ways to play is a lot of fun. You can keep repeating the magic Cauldron Gem reveal, and at the end of the day, you can store your Mixling and other treasures in the Magic Cauldron. There are so many amazing moments to discover with Mixlings, with over 40 miniature magic toy Mixlings to create and collect throughout Series 1!

  • Ages 3+
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