Magic Mixies Mixlings Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack

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Unleash the enchantment!

Unleash the enchantment by concocting your own elixir and giving life to your Mixling using the Magic Mixies Mixlings Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack! Your child can now encounter five brilliantly colorful Mixlings straight from the heart of The Crystal Woods. Inside the Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack, you'll find five exclusive Mixlings, each harnessing a unique Rainbow magic power. And, concealed within their cauldron, a mysterious Mixling eagerly awaits discovery. Witness the joy as kids blend their potion, watching it effervesce and froth, leading to the revelation of their cherished Mixling.

This deluxe pack features a Mixling from each of the five Power Teams, along with their individual accessories: Pupple, the Aqua Chanjas; Pinkney, the Loxie; Maya, the Flutterflier; Raina-Bobo, the Glowling; and Otis, the Luckling. With an astounding array of over 40 Mixlings toys to create and collect in The Crystal Woods Series, there's a treasure trove of magical moments for children to unearth with Mixlings!

  • Ages 3+