Jurassic Stomp N Smash Game

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It's a dash to construct, shape, conquer, and wreck with the brand-new Stomp n Smash board game from Spin Master Games, mate!

Straight from the latest Jurassic World Dominion flick, based on the classic Jurassic Park dinosaur movie, the competition is on to assemble your dino and snag Jurassic tokens for the win. This game caters to 2-4 players, ages 5 and up. Not only do your kids get to have a ripper time with their beloved dinosaurs, but they can also whip up some sand art with the Kinetic Sand kit. The aim is to craft Kinetic Sand dino duplicates and be the first player with 5 Jurassic tokens. And watch out for the T-Rex stomp, mate! The game board features ace locales like Biosyn Forest, Malta, The Amber Mine, and the Cracked Ice Zone. Take your pick from playing with the Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Pyroraptor, or the Dimetrodon. To snag the win, be the first to grab 5 Jurassic tokens and have at least 1 sand dino in your turf. This game comes with the one and only Kinetic Sand. Let that Kinetic Sand flow through your mitts – it's so satisfying, you won't be able to chuck it. The ultimate pressie for kids, Kinetic Sand is crafted from natural sand and is wheat, gluten, and casein-free. If your ankle-biters are bonkers about Jurassic World and all things from the prehistoric era, this board game is the perfect gig to get 'em off the screens and into real-life play.

  • Ages 5+